Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Emails get boring, so I Spruce them up Sometimes, using some Haikus

In case you didn't notice, the post title was a Haiku. It's because I'm clever. This is an exchange between my mother and I while both at work.

From: Christine
Subject: BONJOUR!
I wanted to send
A Haiku to my mother
So guess what? I did.

From: Mom
A what????

From: Christine
A Haiku poem,
Five syllables, then seven,
And then five again.

From: Mom
Nice – thanks … you are too cute (3-3-3-4)

From: Christine
What are those numbers?
Are you trying a Haiku,
Or is it Bingo?

From: Mom
Lol – no I counted the letters in my phrase!

From: Christine
I know, I checked them,
And I said syllables, not
Letters, silly mom.

From: Mom
OH- bahahaha!!!

From: Christine
This is permanent,
You know, at least for today,
Prepare to be bugged.

From: Mom

From: Christine
You should know better
Lol counts as three more
Syllables, ok?

From: Mom

From: Christine
I told you it would,
But I’m committed to it,
Though I’m not crazy.

From: Mom
HA – not too sure about that!!  

It's obvious that my mother isn't intune with her poetic side.

P.S. Any comment will be answered in Haiku format. Obviously.


  1. Haikus are a lot of fun,
    And how could you write just one?
    But limericks are good,
    And, as you should,
    I'm glad that this one is done!

    (That was actually somewhat hard to write and make sense with hahaha)

  2. I couldn't do one,
    Unless I did the normal
    "There once was a man"...

  3. I attempted that
    At one time in my life
    I was smacked for it

  4. I appreciate
    Your suffering of violence
    For crappy poems


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