Monday, 7 November 2011

Me, Paranoid?

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm kinda getting crazy curious over here. Everyday, I check my pageview stats in the hopes that I suddenly went viral. I smile at how many people read my blog, while silently demanding that more people start reading it. Am I a complex person, or just schizophrenic? I think it's the former. Well, I hope it is... Nah, I'm just complicated, that's all J

Anyways, every day that I check, there are more and more Russians that seem to read my site. It started out with 1 pageview, but just yesterday I had 12 daily pageviews from Russia. They're starting to outnumber every country other than Canada (my home and native lannnnnnnnnd, truuuuuue Partiot loooooove, in all our sons command).

I guess the people at the bottom are about to make love???
Yeah, so what's up with the Russians? Are they actually fans of my blog? Or do they google the word Russia and I pop up because of Friday being International Christine-likes-Russians Day? Do they like it? Or do they hate me and want to cut me up and stuff me in a bunch of little Russian Matryoshka dolls? (Woah! Got a little violent there!)

Oh sure, they look cute. Until you see what's inside....
AND WHY WON'T THEY COMMENT?! Come on Russians, I need to know! I am going nuts over here!

So Russia, let me know! I love you guys and your agressive, yet sexy language and your super cool magical looking churches of awesomeness. I love that you down vodka like it's apple juice and your impossible traditional dancing. I'm not a fan of how a lot of you girls get stuck in the sex trade and the whole eating horses thing, but hey, it's all good.

Seriously, all I need is one comment from you Russians, just so I know you're not plotting my death.

P.S. Please respond in English, cause I don't even understand your alphabet.

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  1. haha Probably the Google thing. And also, I linked to you from my blog a few times and I have some Russian readers of my own. Oops! Sorry! :P


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