Saturday, 5 November 2011

Grade 4 Essays: Titles to Remember

This past summer, I had worked for a month helping test marking for the schools in our area. Here are some of the cute and funny titles the kids wrote.

  • The Nasty KIOTY
  • Roalty can Sometimes be bad
  • The Supercats Meet the Flood
He was probably thinking about these cats when he wrote it. I
mean, these cats would be the best to deal with a flood, since they
hover and shit.
  • Tales of a Girl with Narcalipsee (I just love the spelling.)
  • My Best Friend gets Mad alot (This was seriously all about how her best friend was a hormonal bitch. But in more PG terms.)
And the Best One by far.
  • Winter in Uranus
Why do I feel like that kid will one day write porn scripts?

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