Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Text Time with Kaitlyn

So last night, after I found my MIA cell (it was in the car lodged between the seat cushion and the door. I think my fat ass squished it there.) I decided to text Kaitlyn again. Apparently, she's just as dumb when she's calmed down, but she also gets somewhat boring.

Me: Found your ex yet?

(I get straight to the point.)

Kaitlyn: Huh?

(Picture one of the seven dwarfs saying it. Cause that's what I pictured when I read it.)

Let's ironically go with Happy.

Me: Well, you texted my partner for hours to get your watch back, so I assume you were perseverant enough to actually reach the real Matt.

Kaitlyn: Ohh no I just told my friend to tell him I'm selling his shit if he don't come get it

(She's a classy gal, that Kaitlyn.)

This is what I imagine Kaitlyn and Matt look like.

I'll check in later to see if she sold his stuff or not.

1 comment:

  1. I love this girl a lot
    Because she's such a snot!
    One day she'll know
    That it's Androw, (I needed a rhyme)
    And her ex, it is not!


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