Thursday, 3 November 2011

Insanity at its Finest.

While each of our corresponding family members believe our significant other to be the sane one in the relationship, the truth is that both Andrew and I are utterly bonkers. Here is the undoubtable proof.

One day, early on in our relationship, Andrew had picked me up at my parents in his truck and drove me to his parents to stay for the weekend. We were cruising along the 40 minute drive when I decided to make it more interesting. By pretending I was holding a ball. You know, like one of those red balls you avoided during dodgeball by standing on the back edges of the game... wait, that was just me.

Anyways, I played with my invisible ball (no dirty thoughts), throwing it in the air and passing it from hand to hand. It was kind of difficult to ignore. Andrew asked what I was doing.

"I'm holding a ball."
Possible poses I may have done with my ball.

After a few seconds of confusion (remember, we hadn't been together for long, so he wasn't quite prepared for my sudden inspirations) he finally understood how weird I was. Miraculously, he wasn't scared, nor did he seem to suddenly want to "take a break". Instead, he grabbed the ball from me. "Hey!" I said while laughing and swiping it back from him. He stole my ball once again, but then threw it back at me. I caught it. He smacked the ball out of my hands. I picked it up off the floor.

He smacked it out of my hands again. This was getting annoying. I picked it back up.

He wacked it again. I was getting pissed. "Andrew, you can't touch it anymore. It's my ball." He made the motion to grab it, then trimphantly said "Now I have it." "No you don't", I replied, "I do", while holding on to my ball. He hit it out of my hands. "You missed Andrew. I still have it." "How can you still have it?! I clearly hit it!"

He kept saying he had managed to hit it while I was insisting it was still in my hands.

Are we all keeping in mind that this ball is invisible and doesn't actually exist?
The prize of our game.
Next thing you know, we're arguing over the current ownership of the ball. Actually fighting through frustrated verbal exchanges about a non existant ball.

Sometimes, fighting with Andrew is like trying to act sophistocated while drunk out of your skull. Completely pointless. So I finally took the peaceful approach and stated that I was putting the ball on the ground so no one could play with it.

After a cooling off period of about 15 minutes, we realized that we had just had the absolutely most ridiculous fight ever. Over nothing. We then, as you would say, LOFAO.

It was at that point that I realized that this was true love.


  1. bahahahahahahahahahahahaha I also love this. Please share more amazing stories about Andrew.

  2. Oh, I have an unlimited supply of Andrew-related anecdotes. There is definitely more to come!


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