Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bitch, please.

Okay, I am going crazy over here.

As I have previously mentioned, I work in Marteking as an Administrative Assistant, or Ass. However, I was recently given an additional task, which is to help the media team to scan articles featuring our work and then add them to the website to help promote our success. This task was added to my workload to help lighten the load of the media team.

However, this has led one person to give me EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF CANADA. Why? Because these articles and magazines used to fill their office, while they now occupy every single part of my desk (cause I don't have an office, since I am reception). It's like they decided to play "pick-up 52" but couldn't find a deck of cards and so used every paper they could find. 

Imagine the cat is my desk
While their office is now skeaky clean, my desks keeps getting looks and comments from other people as if I was a mother giving a cigarette to a baby. Seriously, I feel like I now need to take blood pressure medication, I am so stressed out from this mess. I'm amazed I can even reach my keyboard.

And everytime I move my mouse it makes a sound that's a cross between a rodent, a skeaky toy and a bad impression of a monkey. It is driving me FUCKING CRAZY! Seriously, every damn day I have to listen to this mouse. I swear I will one day chuck it across the room out of pure rage.

I need a Xanax or a Valium. Cause shit is gonna get ugly.

Update: I have cleaned up my desk; I now have two skycraper piles while the rest of my desk is clear. I am now passive agressively bringing the articles back in the person's office one at a time.

Second Update: I just realized that they blacked out the naughty bits of the Deskcat. This makes me happier.

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